Voice Activated Radio Player

In this project I used a Google voice kit to make a voice activated internet radio player. Modifying the sample programs that come with the kit I was able to start playing my favorite radio station "Sanctuary Radio" using voice commands. After saying the hot pharse "OK GOOGLE" you can issue commands like: Sanctuary On, Sanctuary Louder, Sanctuary Lower , Sanctuary Stop. The kit also comes with a button that I am using as a pause button. You can also ask "OK Google" to do other thing for you like tell the time, check the weather, etc...


Voice kit Guides

Internet Streaming Example

Starting Voice Service on Boot

MPD/MPC music player

Sanctuary Radio

Main components are a Raspberry PI and the Google AIY Projects Voice Kit

AIY Voice Kit

The annoying part of this project is needing to start a project on Google Cloud Platform so I could get credentials to use the Google Assistant API. Note the project manual also discuses using Google Cloud Speach API and setting up an associated billing account, neither of which are required for this project.

Station selection is by using the URL of the stations audio stream, for example
Sanctuary Radio Main Stream - http://janus.cdnstream.com:5200/stream
Sanctuary Radio Retro Eighties - http://janus.cdnstream.com:5200/stream2

Programming on this project is done in Python. Most of what you need is already in the sample programs the kit supplies. You just need to add your custom action handling.

With some paint and a printout of the station logo, the project is ready to listen to.